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Services For Firm Management

The Pontem Group will work with the managers and leaders of financial planning firms to help them source, interview and coach their next team members.  We understand that firm leaders are pulled in many directions and finding top talent for the organization is always a priority.  We can be additional leverage for firm leaders when it comes to building their organizations by helping to source and identify employee roles:

Trainers and Coaches

Front Line Leaders and Managers

                                   Financial/Wealth Management Advisors

C- Suite (COO, CFO, CMO)

Recruiters/Talent Acquisition

Compliance Officers/Supervision Roles

Back Office Support Roles (para-planners, admin, EA)

The Pontem Group can assist most market places with helping firms source and interview entrepreneurial advisor candidates to grow distribution as well.

The Pontem Group can also engage in a relationship with the firm managers as to build services for their advisors as a value add.  Firm managers want their advisors to spend time with clients, not worrying about hiring headaches.  Advisors will appreciate discounted search services provided by their firm.

Services for “Advisor as Employer”

The Pontem Group will partner with Financial Advisors, Teams and Ensembles to help them identify and  coach their future associates.  We know top advisors who are growing their practice need to be spending their time in front of clients.  The Pontem Group will identify, interview and send top candidates to your team so advisors and their critical team members are not pulled away from doing what they do best.

We will work with an advisor to understand what talent addition they need and then get to work in finding their next team member:

Client Facing Lead Advisor/Associate Advisor

Potential Advisor Business Partners (with existing clientele)

Back Office Support Roles (admin, operations, executive assistants)

“A Certified Financial Planner Searching for Certified Financial Planners to be employed by Certified Financial Planners. “