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Welcome to The Pontem Group.

A relationship centric, recruiting, consulting and professional development firm that exists to grow businesses and careers.

Our Focus

Bridging Talent With Opportunity

Latin for bridge, the name Pontem speaks to our goal to connect professionals with career opportunities. Founded steps from Wall Street and the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, the Pontem name also pays tribute to the Brooklyn Bridge, an iconic landmark that was a catalyst in New York becoming an economic empire.

Partnering With Pontem

Guidance & Time Leverage

We provide expert guidance and time leverage for your business when you need to find and grow the right talent in a synchronized fashion. 

Contact us

Chris Ruben

Managing Partner

 (631) 332-0058

[email protected]

Please Note:  Since relocating, Eddy Ricci is not affiliated with TPG and now operates a separate entity Pontem Professional Partners (a DBA of The Growth Game, LLC [RI])    specializing in the wealth management field .   If  you are looking to contact please reach out to: [email protected].  Thank you!


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